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Loyalty to family. Trusting instincts. The ugly truth of survival. These virtues are deeply embedded in a mature Dutch teenager, Annika Wolters. Her attributes prove useful as she navigates typical coming-of-age insecurities and a blossoming romance with a handsome lieutenant in 1939 Batavia, Java. Nothing prepares her for the distress of Hitler’s attacks on European countries followed by Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor, toppling her idyllic life in the Dutch East Indies colonial society. Uplifting events from a true story showcase how determination, nursing basics, and language skills keep a young woman and her mother alive in the worst Japanese internment camp in the Pacific. If you admire clever women and unfailing love in a tropical wartime setting, you will be captivated by Sapphire Promise.

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The Targeted 


Book 3:

Love Thrives 

in Emma Springs


Some games are played to a deadly end.

Tome Tender Review


“Sally Brandle has taken the worst of humanity and pitted that evil against the best of humanity, the ability to love and trust. A sweet, second chance, mature romance against all odds! Easy to read, filled with action, truly vile characters and characters that you cannot help but root for! Nothing graphic, this love story doesn’t need it!”

The Hitman’s Mistake

Book 1:

Love Thrives in Emma Springs

A woman pursued by mobsters. The FBI agent protecting her. While they escape killers...they can't escape falling in love.


Tome Tender review: ★★★★★

Enthralling. Couldn't Put it Down.

"sizzling chemistry" 

"intrigue, attraction and razor-taut tension"

"one can almost smell the saddle leather, the crisp mountain air and the slow simmering attraction between two people whose lives and future dreams couldn’t be more different"

Torn By Vengeance

Book 2:

Love Thrives in Emma Springs

Elon Hardy’s willing to dust off her welding torch and temporarily move to Montana to escape the deceitful husband she’s divorcing. Combating a rugged ranch owner who thought he’d hired a man requires her unpracticed courage.

A woman Rane Calderon trusted while growing up ruined his life, and at forty, he’s unprepared for his new welder, a curvy, determined brunette. Blisteringly mad he’s hired a woman, he fights his attraction for her while thwarting illegal efforts to build a for-profit prison atop his Native American ancestors’ burial ground. 

Can Elon and Rane realize love doesn’t have a “best used before date” as their prospect for happiness unfolds?

If you enjoy smoldering romance, calculating villains, and rescued animals, you’ll love escaping again to Emma Springs, Montana.


Book Review

November 2020

"I love how this author takes us to Emma Springs...makes me feel like I've actually been there and the author is bringing up memories - that is truly a gift. These are books I may go back and reread all in a row"


If you like heroines that have grit and are partners in whatever adventure they're involved in, find them here. There are no princesses in these pages- just women who overcome obstacles in their lives and together with unsung heroes, find success and romance.  

Sally began writing after frustrating years of skipping over sex scenes to ferret out witty dialogue and exciting stories. Her first series, Love Thrives In Emma Springs, currently contains four tales of women who choose a slower pace after facing deadly obstacles. Female friends intertwined in each novel support one another while they search for their perfect heroes. 

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